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Customer Testimonials | Snappy Popcorn

At Snappy Popcorn, we’re committed to producing fresh, great-tasting popcorn and providing excellent customer service. Don’t just take our word for it, though — read what our customers have to say about their experience with our products.

Snappy popcorn pans are the closest I've been able to come to the theater popcorn of the 50s and 60s. - Emmett Henderson

I’ve had my Snappy popcorn machine in my home theater for over 10 years and have used Snappy popcorn all these years as well. The machine and the popcorn consistently produce tasty popcorn. - Scott Dolson

I have used the products love the quality and pricing. Good taste. - Deanna Kesinger

I love the popcorn flavors and would love to taste more fruity flavors - Snappy Customer

My experience with Snappy has been great from the time I first ordered my popcorn. The staff has been very friendly and has helped me select the right products for my needs. The quality of the popcorn is excellent with very few un-popped kernels. I strongly recommend Snappy for your concession needs. - Kevin Potucek, Assistant Director of Media Facilities, The College of New Jersey

I like having popcorn, butter and seasonings all in one package and available in different sizes. - Bobby Jones

Great taste and good shelf life. - Kenneth Kaestner

A great-tasting popcorn - Susan Kokinchak

Great popcorn — better than at the movies! - Snappy Customer

The buttery-flavored popcorn topping oil is awesome on all popcorn! Shipping and customer service is great and they take care of all problems quickly and thoroughly. - Priscilla Smith

I have a mini popcorn popper and love knowing that Snappy is just a click away from supplies needed to enjoy it. - Snappy Customer

Best popcorn ever made. Will not buy any other brands! - Sherri Allman

Best popcorn ever! The taste and quality is excellent not to mention it all pops! You do Iowa proud Snappy Popcorn! - Snappy Customer

We have always bought the white popcorn for our machine that was purchased through Snappy. Once when they shipped the yellow kernels in error they quickly corrected our order and shipped the correct package. EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE!! - Snappy Customer

Very good popcorn, always fresh and very few un-popped kernels left in bottom of bowl. - Rick Campion

Finding Snappy on my computer was like reaching the pot of gold. Actually I originally bought some in Dahl's when I was home in Iowa….when I ran out, I looked online and there you were — have not bought any other brand since! Doesn't take much to make me happy. My husband always said, "You can take the girl out of Iowa, but you can't take Iowa out of the girl!" - Janet Bigsby Palmer

When family and friends need a quick, healthy snack, Snappy popcorn is great to have on hand. - Jane Croll

Consistently great products with terrific customer service. - Brad Sherman

Great products and customer service. - Lance Brinker

Since the first time I found the popper and the kernel packs I’ve been hooked. Love the boxed packs and the flavors and the ease of use. The prices are also so good for all of the products. - Jen Markley

Simply the best all-around product, taste, and unbeatable customer service. - T. Tarpein

Snappy Popcorn offers the closest taste and quality to movie theater popcorn! - Tina Czarnota

Snappy is so delicious! - Wendy Williams

This popcorn has a great taste, all kernels pop, not expensive, and from a great brand name. - June Buchanan

The light butter microwave popcorn is the best that I have ever tasted. It is also low in salt. - Catherine Gould

Snappy has the best popcorn and customer service I've ever experienced. We converted our entire company to ordering from them. Their product cannot be beat! - D. Brewer

Quality products, excellent service, highly responsive to customer/market needs. - Steve Allen

l wont eat anything other than snappy. - Brent Darrah

It isn't often that I feel compelled to write to a company. We love popcorn in our family. We have a Felknor's theater popper and we pop it on the stove in real oil and drench it in real butter, add a little salt and we are ready to go. We really dislike popcorn that is tough and does not pop up well. So this time at Menards I bought a jar of Orville Redenbacher's (sp?) and a much larger bag of your popcorn. Was the Orville Redenbacher worth the extra coin? Well, the verdict is in and your popcorn is soooo much better. Your popcorn pops up nice, is never tough and does not have that dry taste that the Orville does. We love your popcorn and hope Menards will continue to carry it. If not, we will find it. Well done Ladies and Gentlemen, you make a really great product and we are now hooked. Thanks for doing such a great job. - Brad B.

I just had the pleasure of eating my very first bowl of Ellie Mae's popcorn over the weekend. I bought the bag almost by accident. The kind I had been buying for years, (Jolly Time) was not available. What a delightful surprise I experienced when I tasted Ellie Mae's! I'm in my 70s (gulp!) and Ellie Mae's is simply the best popcorn I've ever eaten. It not only tastes great, but it pops better than any popcorn I've ever had. I will be talking with the people at Hy Vee here in Omaha to make sure they continue to stock your popcorn. At my age, there aren't many surprises, but Ellie Mae's will be my popcorn of choice from now on. Once again, thank you for making such a great product! - Dan M.

My wife and I have been buying Snappy Natural Microwave 3.5 oz. popcorn for years. We get it in the Dollar Aisle at our local County Market/Nieman Foods. It is BY FAR, the best microwave popcorn we have ever had. It beats the highly promoted national brands by a landslide. It is nice to see a smaller private label company such as yours, produce such a quality product that sells at a fair price and we applaud you for that. Keep up the great work. - Ed B.

About Us

There are many different companies online offering popcorn machines and concessions, but Snappy Popcorn is different. We are a third-generation company that has grown and sold popcorn since 1940. We grow, process, and raise much of our popcorn in the fertile fields of Iowa.

Our popcorn is always the best-tasting popcorn you'll try because it is fresh.

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Snappy Popcorn Co., Inc.
P.O. Box 160
610 Main St.
Breda, IA 51436

Toll Free: 800-742-0228
Main Phone: 712-673-2347
Fax: 712-673-4611
Hours: 8am-5pm CST, Monday-Friday

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