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Pro Deluxe Warmer Ladle Unit

SKU: 7110A
Weight: 16 lbs
The Pro-Deluxe Warmer is an ideal dispenser for Hot Fudge, Caramel,and Nacho Cheese. It is designed to accommodate a #10 Can for easy usage, but also has an option dressing jar available that can be used to hold your dispensables. Each of the Pro-Deluxe units feature a Stainless Steel Body, a lighted master ON/OFF toggle switch, and uses a 500 Watt Band Element with an adjustable thermostat to keep your condiments at perfect temperature all day long. The Ladle Unit comes with a 1oz ladle while the Pump Units use gauging collars that allow a maximum 1oz portion and can be reduced to yield by 1/8 oz increments.
Price: $205.00
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Pro Deluxe Warmer Ladle Unit
Pro Deluxe Warmer Ladle Unit
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