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Snappy Popcorn Private Labeling Popcorn BagsSNAPPY POPCORN PRIVATE LABELING

Snappy Popcorn contains no diacetyl and has not for 4 years! Please enjoy our microwave popcorn carefree!

Snappy does a wide variety of private labeling, from microwave popcorn, 2 lb. and 4 lb. poly bags, all the way up to 50 lb. bags of popcorn. Microwave private labeling is a fantastic way to advertise your products. Snappy can place special ads and cards inside the overwrap to promote forthcoming promotions and events. If you wish to promote on a larger scale, Snappy can help you develop your own microwave bag. Whether it be a grocery store, seed company, or advertising agency, Snappy can find a product that fits your needs. Snappy can now even private label gourmet popped popcorn.


Snappy can now do customized printing on your popcorn bags. You can order as few as 500 bags with your own logo or advertisement printed on each bag. Print area is entirely visible from the outside of the microwave package. Total available area for printing on the tri-fold bag is approximately 4" wide x 5" tall. Popping instructions are pre-printed on the back of each bag. FAST TURN AROUND TIMES!!! Prices are as follows for TWO color spot printing. Prices reflect microwave popcorn ready to pop in a microwave bag.

  • 500 Bags - $0.99 per bag
  • 1000 Bags - $0.79 per bag
  • 2000 Bags - $0.73 per bag
  • 3000 Bags - $0.67 per bag
  • 4000 Bags - $0.62 per bag
  • 5000 Bags - $0.57 per bag
  • 10,000 Bags - $0.45 per bag
  • 25,000 Bags or more, please call 800-742-0228 and a sales associate will help you.

We can do 1 or 2 color spot printing. Please call 800-742-0228 for more details!

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