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Snappy Popcorn Fundraising

Call 800-742-0228 for Snappy's Double Your Money Microwave Fundraiser

Snappy has designed a program in which you can double your money with every sale and still get your customer a high quality product at a reasonable price. Low minimum order is great for all sizes of fundraising. Call 800-742-0228 for more details on how you can double your money!

Snappy Popcorn can provide your organization with various products for your fundraiser. Many schools and community groups have great success selling Snappy Microwave Popcorn, Snappy 2 lb. or 4 lb. Popcorn, and Marly's Gourmet Flavored Popcorns.

For small fundraising opportunities, we can help you design a program that will include your organization's name, emblem, design, etc... on a sticker for Marly's Gourmet Flavored Popcorns or Snappy 2 lb. or 4 lb. Popcorn or on an insert for Snappy's Microwave Popcorn.

For larger campaigns, let us help you design your own microwave popcorn bag, your own poly bag for raw popcorn, or buckets for caramel corn.

For more information, call (800)742-0228 or email

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