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International Orders

PAYMENT: Snappy Popcorn does offer international shipping. International orders may be paid by wire transfer. Snappy Popcorn Sales Staff are able to provide international quotes for minimum orders of $200 or more.

SHIPPING QUOTES: Please note that Snappy Popcorn is not a shipping facility within itself. All international quotes take time to process and receive freight costs and are quoted solely based on air freight. Expedited quotes, Ocean quotes, and fumigation certificates will not be provided. Larger quotes may take upward of a week lead time to quote. Snappy will provide a commercial invoice as well as a packing slip, however, any other documents needed must be specified at the time of order. Some certificates, such as health or phytosanitary certificates, will cost an additional fee.

CUSTOMS: All specifications of which commercial documents and certifications are needed for importation of goods should be stated by the consignee at the time of order. It is the responsibility of the consignee to check with their government on what customs charges they might incur, understanding that any quote that is given does not include these customs charges.

EXPORT VOLTAGE: If a 220 Volt machine is needed, it must be specified. There can be a lead time of anywhere from 2-6 weeks on 220V machines; and it can take anywhere from 7-14 days from the time that a shipment leaves Snappy’s Facility to arrive in its destination country. If you have any questions not dealing with these specifics our sales staff will be happy to provide you with answers.

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